Choosing a WordPress Theme

Searching for a WordPress ThemeThis post is directed to those contemplating hiring a designer to develop a new website.

So you’re thinking about having a website designed. WordPress is my Content Management System (CMS) of choice. That being said, there are thousands of themes available – free and premium. You’ll see themes with gorgeous content and rave reviews.  What’s a person to do?

For the most part, everything between the header and the footer will be striped in preparation to receive your content. The layout falls on your designer. I would consider three things when looking for a theme.

One, do you like the header and menu. Two, how do you like the footer? And three, do you want a full width or boxed layout. Many themes advertise they are full width, but in reality, they are not. If you don’t want to spend any time searching for a theme, there’s another option.

I use several themes that have nice menus, footers, and full width capability. We can use one of those as a base point. My page builder has a number of very nice templates. You may like to review those. That takes the theme selection out of the equation. Now you can concentrate on story boarding (making a graphic outline of your website), writing your copy, and putting together your images. Those are things I can’t provide unless you want to pay for copy writing and photography. I can help with your story board.

If you have your heart set on a particular theme, we can use it provided it’s compatible with my page builder. Just give me the name of the theme, and I will test it. Ninety-nine percent of the time there are no issues if the theme is recent and well written.

So don’t sweat the small stuff. Concentrate on writing your copy and gathering your images. If you have any questions about the process, contact me for a free consultation.